Monday, November 3, 2014

Just Another Day in....Paraidse?

Today started out like any other morning.  My alarm going off in my ear at 5am.  Why 5am?  That way I can shower, put my face on and get dressed before the twinadoes demand breakfast.  On some morning's G wakes me up well before 5am, ready to start his day.

We do our usual, change diapers, get them dressed, feed them breakfast, break up some pre-school fights which are normally over something life shattering like someone has the wrong cup or L stole something from G, administer medications, put everyone's shoes on, and we're out the door.  At least we try to be.  On a normal day, first I bring L to the car, then G to the car, then have to run back in to grab backpacks (an essential folder holder for any preschooler)and grab my coffee, chugging it on the way to school all while trying not to spill it down the front of my shirt, while L is in the back yelling "OH NO!" because he intentionally took his shoes off and then cries because he doesn't have his shoes on, while G is either shrieking, flapping, crying or eating his fingers.

Although it takes us 15 minutes to get everyone in the car, we get to school in 8 minutes, 9 if the older woman with bright white hair is walking her bazillion dogs (I think they are really walking her), so we have to stop so we don't hit her or one of the bazillion dogs. We finally get to school, thank goodness the handicap spot it open (I'm always amazed at how many non handicapped people park a school...for kids with disabilities.), which also happens to be the furthest spot from the doors (still makes me confused every morning). I get L out of the car, he fights with me because he wants to take the entire contents of the car into school with him and I tell him he can't so he cries.  He gets over it and gets out of the car.  Then he wants me to carry him, so I carry him to the other side of the car to get G out.  G is crying, like he does every morning when we make the turn into school, I try getting him out of the car while being hit. kicked and yelled at.  Finally get him out, all of us walk towards the school, G throws himself on the ground and refuses to walk, all while trying to lick the car in front of him (gross!).  Pick him up and carry said child, other child notices and wants to be carried too.  Finally make it to the doors while carrying about 40 pounds in each arm, plus 2 backpaks while they're both flailing like fish out of water. 

We finally make it in the building.  L runs to his classroom, G throws himself on the ground. It takes the Principle, myself and one of the TA's to get him to go into the classroom.  Once in the classroom, L runs in circles, G throws himself back on the floor while being bribed to wash his hands so he can eat his banana.  Put his harness vest on him, wash his hands, seat belt him into special chair, eats banana in 2.3 seconds and then reads a book.  I end up sweating my make off, and my good hair day turns into the drowned rat look, eyeliner smudged on my face and ready for a nap.  I start what should be my 8 minutes drive home, but realize I have to run errands, looking like I just got out of a sauna when it's really only 40 degrees out.  Once I see our neighborhood and our cute house sitting on the corner, I feel like the gates of heaven just opened and I run in wanting to collapse on the couch, but realize there are two furry beasts begging me to take them on a walk.  Ah...and it's only Monday.