ABA: Applied Behavior Analysis 
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
AFO - Ankle Foot Orthotic
ASD - Autism Spectrum Disorder
BT - Behavioral Therapy IEP - Individualized Education Plan
DD - Developmental Disability
EEG -  Electroencephalography
EI - Early Intervention
Echolalia - repetition of word that's been heard.
FT - Feeding Therapy
FO - Foot Orthosis
IEP - Individualized Education Plan
IFSP - Individualized Family Service Plan
IDEA - Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 
LRE -  Least Restrictive Environment
LEA -  Local Education Agency
LT - Listening Therapy
OT- Occupational Therapy
PECS - Picture Exchange Communication System
PTL- Pre term Labor
PT - Physical TherapyST- Speech Therapy
SID - Sensory Integration Disorder
SMO -  Supra Maleolar Orthosis
SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder

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