Our Story

I am Cara. The hubs and I had been married for a few years when we decided, "Hey! Let's make a baby!"  Little did we know it wasn't that easy.  We ended up seeking a fertility Dr. and through many tears and tough months we were finally blessed with a pregnancy that lasted longer then a few months.  It was a rough pregnancy and I was in and out of the hospital with PTL.  Finally at 32 weeks the boys decided it was time and my water broke.  Our lives were to change in way we couldn't imagine.

G was the smaller of the two and weighed a little over three pounds.  He was also the healthier of the two at birth.  L was born three minutes later and had difficulty breathing.  I saw them for a split second before they were rushed to the NICU.  Minutes after birth L was on a breathing machine.  Luckily after a few days he was switched to the CPAP. L was also born with a heart murmur but it wasn't until he was about a week old he developed SVT (Super Ventricle Tachycardia).  It was terrifying but they got everything under control pretty quickly. G was mainly a feeder and grower.

It wasn't until they were a few months old that we started to notice some problems.  We expected them to have developmental delays.  They were delayed with rolling, sitting, standing, walking etc.  Leland was only a little bit behind and was up and walking by 15 months.  G didn't roll over until 11 months, sit tile 14 months, crawl until 16 months and he didn't walk til he was 2.5.  We went though MRI's, EEG, ARB Genetic testing and a whole other slew of blood tests.  He never responded to his name, our voice and didn't really babble.  We always knew something was different about him. It wasn't until he was 2.5 we heard the words we knew all along.  "You're son has Autism."  That we knew.  They shocker was when we heard, "He's considered Severe and low functioning." Hearing it be official was earth shattering.  I mourned for a few days then picked myself up, started making phone calls and continued to love my perfect little child.

L on the other hand we always went back and forth on.  One day we thought Autism, the next day we would think no way!  He's now 2.5 still doesn't really speak, has severe SPD and was recently diagnosed with severe Classic Autism.

Both of the boys spend numerous hours a week at OT, PT, ST, Dr. appointments, and L just started prek.  It was a rough go but it's getting a little better.  G will go to a special needs school when he turns three. We're also considering this school for L but haven't decided yet.

The hubs and I have lost friends through our journey but have also gained friends. Friends we never have known otherwise. These people have become our rocks, sources of information, a shoulder to cry on and people to celebrate milestones with.  We will forever be grateful for their amazing team of doctors, nurses and therapists who have been with us since the boys were in the NICU.  They have helped make our family what it is today.


  1. Hi Cara, My name is Suzette and I found your blog though Kelly's Korner blog. I don't have a blog myself but I wanted to contact you because I also have twins with autism. My boys just turned 10 and were diagnosed when they were two. My boys are very similar to eachother in their autism in that they are both essentially non-verbal. But they are amazing and I am completely in love with them! I really enjoyed reading your blog! thanks for sharing your thoughts :) If you want to be in touch, my email is sfitzg@gwmail.gwu.edu

  2. I found you through Kelly's Korner as well. My 5 yo son has autism. You have a great spirit! I'll be following!

  3. I found you through KK blog and live in RDU area as well. Thanks for sharing your story! My son is 5 with autism. God bless!

  4. Hi! Cara; this is lucy! Haven't seen you in a while but I decided to share my story... Check it out! http://healingmyboyswithautism.blogspot.com/?m=1