Monday, January 26, 2015

My Child Has A British Accent?

So much has happened over the last few months. Everything has been the whirlwind! The hubs has been back and forth on deployments and TDY's. I think he's been gone more than he's been home in the last few months. It's the first time L has really noticed or could verbalize that daddy isn't here.  I just keep telling him daddy is at work and will be home in lots of sleeps.  I think he's starting to understand but who knows. This is the kid who is now repeating everything and starting to talk...with a British accent.  The British  accent is cool and everything, but um...we live in America, in the south. I always expected them to have a but of a southern drawl, but never a British accent.  Thanks Peppa Pig! More power to you little man! We tried to Skype with the hubs and L wanted nothing to do with it.  G loves skyping, not necessarily to see his daddy, but to see himself and make funny faces!

The boys are doing so well in school! We are so grateful for the Prek EC program they are in.  They still have a ways to go, but have made so much progress. Like I said, L is talking up a storm, he will normally say the same thing over and over until you repeat it too.  It can get frustrating at times, but I'm still in that "OMG! MY BABY IS TALKING!" phase!  G is still pretty much nonverbal, BUT has started saying a few words! He has this tiny little voice and a little lisp when he speaks and said in his tiny G voice, "dinosaur, roar!' I just about fell over as it was the cutest thing I've ever heard. He also said "more" because he wanted more yogurt and I wouldn't give it to him unless he used a word, pecs card or pointing.  He finally got frustrated enough to yell out "more!" There you go kid, I knew you had it in you! He's even been trying to master eating with a spoon.  He still prefers to use his fingers, but I get it, eating with your hands is so much more fun! I just like to call it sensory play. L is doing pretty well using a spoon, but is going through that "YUCK" phase lately where even his preferred foods are "YUCK!" The kid turned down a cookie!  Who does that?  I sure haven't met a cookie I could turn down.  Well, that's not true. If it has nuts, I say no.  I'd rather not die because of my love of cookies.

I took the boys to a train show the other weekend.  L had a bit of a rough time with all of the noise and commotion, but G was in heaven!  I think the only thing that boys loves more then trains is eating goldfish. He loved seeing all the trains and going on a little Thomas The Train ride.  L thought it was for the birds and was more excited that he got to drink pink, which was a strawberry banana smoothie.

Next month they both need surgery...again. What else is new, right?  On to our third set of tubes.  They're getting T-Tubes this time which are supposed to last a few years.  Hopefully they do the trick. The poor kids are miserable. L has been hitting himself in the head more then usual because his ears are really bothering him.  He also has a lot of scar tissue in his ears which the need to work on. Even one of the dogs has an ear infection right now!  Too bad they don't make tubes for dogs.  Trust me, I asked our vet!

As for me, I still always feel like everything is chaos. By the time I get the boys from school, take them to therapy, and get them home, feed them dinner, get them in the tub, get everyone in bed I'm too tired to do much of anything.  I have started jogging again, which I am loving! The dogs are loving it too. It helps me clear my head. I'm still in this odd place of not feeling like our family really first in anywhere.  It's like we're stuck between this typical world and the special needs world. Sometimes I forget just how much we're untypical (is that even a word?) until we go somewhere with our typical friends.  After a few minutes, we're like "Oh right, why did we attempt to do this?" It normally ends with either the boys or I crying and we hightail out. The hubs and I would love to move our family to the coast. We found an amazing quaint little town that would be perfect for us, and their schools have a great EC program, but then the hubs would need a job. Details, details. I'm pretty sure we'll be here for a long, long time, but a girl can dream.