Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Me in a nutshell!

Who's the mom behind G&L? That's me! Even though my parents tell me I'm 35 I just turned 29 for the sixth time. I often forget how old I am. Then I see a bunch of teenagers or 20 something year olds and I quickly remember five more years and I'm middle aged, um I mean 29 again. Gone are the days of partying til 3am and then waking up at at 6am and heading to work just to do it all over again. Now it takes me a week to recover if I stay up past midnight.

I have a love of coffee that didn't start until after my boys were born. The NICU will do that to you! Had to stay awake somehow to sit there all day and stare at my kids sleeping. Even the hubs who hates "hot drinks" as my dad calls it, has started to drink that stuff! I love anything girly. Make-up, nail polish, clothes, hot pink, glitter and anything sparkly bring me happiness. My house is a mess, I live in yoga pants and tshirts since having the boys, but always have my hair an make up done. A girl has to feel pretty! Oh, and I still love Sweatin' to the Oldies work out videos and make the boys do them with me. I may or may not have the box set. I may be a Carolina girl now ( 11 years!) but will always be a jersey girl at heart.

I use way too many comma's when I write, have terrible spelling, and I love Hallmark movies. I learned how to be a fighter and such a huge advocate from my parents (thanks mom and dad)! Unbeknownst to most, I grew up with learning disabilities galore, hence the bad spelling and my inability to do anything besides basic math. If it wasn't for the hubs, I never would have made it through college algebra! I grew up shy and didn't come out of my shell til college, now if you ask most people, I don't stop talking.

It took us a while to get pregnant with the boys. Thank God for modern medicine or we most likely wouldn't have children. We had to fight to get pregnant, stay pregnant and fight for them to survive after being born prematurely. We will fight for them forever, be their advocate and beat up anyone who tries to put them down (well, maybe not beat them up, but let them know you don't mess with the Thompson Twins)! I aspire to be like my parents, they never gave up on me, and to this day even though I'm 35, oh I mean 29, they still haven't. Sorry little men, you're stuck with your momma for life!

That's me in a nutshell!

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