Sunday, February 23, 2014

Holy Cow!! I Have Threenagers!!

What a whirlwind of a week it's been!  My babies have officially turned three!!!  How is this possible?  I know people say time flies when you have kids, but it doesn't have to fly this quickly!  Even though they are only three, and we try to live in the now, it's so hard not to think about what happens in 20 years?  What will they be able to do?  Where will they be?  We'll save that for day dreaming!

Why else was this week a super big week?!?!  G&L started school!  Unlike the school we tried with L last year, this is a school that is made just for them, with kids just like them, and teachers that have the resources and education to help them and work with them.  It's such a breath of fresh air.  There are only 8 kids and 3 teachers!  G&L are having a bit of a rough time with transitioning but they're starting to get it.  They ordered adaptive seating for G which is awesome for him!  They are exhausted from school because they refuse to nap during nap time (can you blame them with all that new stuff around them?), but as soon as they get done with school we start running around for therapies.  Such a busy little life they lead for three year olds! I have a meeting with the school PT and their lead teacher on Monday to go over some things for them and to come up with a plan for them in school.  Mainly G.  G is a big wanderer and needs a bit more attention.

Another big transition is coming up for the boys this week.  The hubs is deploying for a few months.  Now that they're getting older, I start to worry how it will effect their day to day lives.  Especially L since he loves spending time with his daddy.  I do notice that when ever the hubs is deployed, L seems to gravitate towards friends husbands.  He has a male teacher assistant so maybe that will help him with the transition of daddy not being here.

Here's a picture of our crazy family from G&L's birthday party.  This picture makes me laugh because it totally captures us!!
Here's a collage I made for their birthday! G's newborn pics on top, L on the bottom.

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