Thursday, May 8, 2014

By Far, The Best Mother's Day EVER!

With Mother's Day approaching this weekend, I've been pretty bummed that the hubs won't be home for it, but today, the boys gave me the best Mother's Day (a bit early) ever!  I always dreamed of having a fridge full of artwork and a slew of art projects around the house that I always wanted to do with my kids.  When we struggled with infertility, I was afraid my dream my never come true.  Then when we had the boys I  had grand ideas of all the things I was going to do with them.  Then, Autism hit.  All the projects I had planned never turned out or there would be a meltdown due to mess hands or not understanding what to do.

Today when I picked they boys up from school the teacher handed me birdhouses the boys had painted, hand prints and a pictures they drew all in a cute foam frame.  The teacher told me she knows it's not as fancy as other classes but they do projects based on their skills.  It could have been a piece of paper with a line on it and I would have been happy.  Right now I have a fridge full of crazy drawings and finger paintings with two little bird houses sitting on my windowsill.  I've always wanted jewelry, vacations and the big things for gifts (just ask the hubs), but this right here is what it's all about.  As I sit and stare at it, I'm just amazed, that my two little amazing boys did this.  The boys that just a few months ago would have a 3 hour melt down if something got on their hands, or they fell, or got dirty.  Even though we have so many hard, challenging days, it's things like this that make it all worth it.  The Dr.'s, the therapies, the tears, it's worth every second for moments like this. This right here is what it's all about. 

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  1. Wonderful. It is amazing that a gift from a child turns out to be the best gift of all......their Mom is amazing!!