Saturday, May 3, 2014

Where Did April Go?

I've been a super slacker on keeping up with my blog.  Sorry to all my fans...all two of you, mom and dad ;)

There has been so much going on!  Last weekend we had our Autism Walk!  It was such a nice spring day for it.  Our team looked super cute in our Autism shirts, socks and headbands.  We totally rocked it.  G&L did excellent at the walk.  Much better then when we tried the March of Dimes walk a few weeks prior.  At the Autism walk, there were no loud speakers, music blasting etc.  It was perfect for them.  The one thing I enjoy most about these walks is the sense of community.  So many times we feel like outsiders because our family doesn't fit into the, "norm." My children flap, scream, screech, meltdown, run away, twitch, and most of the time live in their own world.  When we go to events like this, we fit right in, we get no strange looks and rude comments. We can all be ourselves and it's, "normal."  I'm not really sure what normal is considered anymore.  The flapping, screaming, screeching, meltdowns, running away and twitching is our normal.  I'm so grateful for the friends that come out to walk with us and to all the people that donated to our team.  We came in 4th place for our personal goal, and were in the top 8 for our team. Not to shabby!  There were a few team members that couldn't make it last minute due to sick kiddo's, but we know they were there in spirit.
 Team Thompson Twins
                                             GBW showing off her headband                                              
 Me with G&L

The boys started swim lessons this week.  G is a natural.  I'm pretty sure he'll be on the Special Olympics swim team one day.  L on the hand may do better at cross country, since he loves to run.  He wasn't too keen on the pool. I think the vastness of it was too much for him.  I think another month or so and he'll be just like Nemo, minus having his mother eaten by a shark (we can only hope). He held onto the swim instructor for dear life!  G on the other hand was trying to swim on his own. 

Things have been going great with school!  We couldn't ask for more dedicated and loving teachers.  They really care about the boys and love them.  We're really lucky to have such a great program for them here.  L has come such a long way since starting school.  He's saying more and more words.  It's pretty amazing.  G still isn't speaking much then the saying "bubble" and "thank you" but he's figuring out other way to communicate.  The boys just got into the extended school year program.  It's only four days a week and for half a day, but it's better then nothing.  They'll rock it as usual! Autism can't beat my boys down...or epilepsy or SPD, or Masto...I can go on forever here!

Until I have time to write again my lovely fans (cough, cough, mom and dad!).

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