Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year, A New Diagnosis.

Here we are, 2014.  A new year a new go at life and all that other fun stuff.  What does it mean for G?  Another diagnosis.  If y'all remember about two weeks ago, G had a 72 hour EEG done.  The results were delayed because of the holiday's and the hospital being short staffed due to the season.  Well, we got the call today.  G has epilepsy.  He's having seizures on both sides of the brain, multiple times a day.  Tomorrow he starts taking Zorontine to see if we can get them under control.  The hubs and I were shocked.  We thought the test wasn't going to show anything.  When he was one, he had a sedated EEG which didn't show anything.  The Dr. said he can't say for sure he wasn't having seizures, but he wasn't having them during the test.  As time went on we kind of put it on the back burner and thought it was all due to his Autism.  It wasn't until two of his therapists had brought up that they thought he was having seizures, and a phone call or two, or three of four from me, that the neurologist decided to do the 72 hour EEG.  The therapists were right!

What are we hoping for?  We're hoping that maybe some of his delays and regression are due to seizures and with the right medication he may have some improvements. We're not expecting him to wake up the next day and start talking, but maybe over time it might help, maybe it'll help with his balance and/or maybe it will just help him be able to concentrate.  Maybe it won't make a difference.  Only time

In other news, G said "more" the other day and L started singing along with Bert and Ernie whenever they sing, "I LIIIIIIIKE YOOOOOOU!" Cutest thing ever!  L has also been a bit of a bully lately and pushing G around.  This age is no joke!

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