Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Apacolypse

It's been a while since I last posted.  We've had a busy couple of weeks here.  G&L both had colds, and then I got it.  Fun times!

The Dr. had to change G's seizure medicine since the one he was on turned him into a beast.  I think this one might be working, but I think he's still having some seizures. He goes back to the Dr in two weeks, so we'll see what he says.  Poor G.  Can't catch a break...ever.  Good things he's so freaking cute!! ;)

We had a huge (well, huge for the south), snow storm two days ago.  The best part about it was our heat stopped working in the middle of the night!  My children turned into icicle people!  It's was soooooo cold!  Thankfully the repair man was able to make his way out here even though the roads were super icy.  That man deserves an award! The same repair man saved us over the summer when our AC stopped working during a heat wave! L gave him a huge hug and forced him to snuggle before he left.  Thank goodness the guy has kids or it would have been like one of those moments when a person who hates dogs  has your dog begging them for attention and they're just kind of like, "Oh hi, dog, go away now"  Yeah, it had the potential to be that kind of moment.

It turns out our dogs love snow and keep wanting to go back out in it.  G&L on the other hand, well they are more then happy not to touch it.  They like looking at it from inside but aren't too fond of touching it.  Maybe one day I'll get them to dive right into it.  They're more like their mommy, they would rather a warm day spent in the pool.

Next week we have their IEP meeting.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that it all goes smooth and we get everything we want for them!  In less then two weeks is their, pirate birthday party!!  I have so much to do to get ready for it!  I'm pretty sure they have no idea what their birthday is, but I'm really excited for it!

Hope everyone is staying warm and if you live somewhere warm and tropical either send me a plane ticket or send some of the sunshine our way!

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