Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Farewell to 2013!

As we say goodbye to 2013, all I can think about is what a crazy year it's been.  We got our official Autism diagnosis, SPD, Hyperlexia, seizures, mastocytosis, genetic deletions and mutations.  We learned for every heartache, our family grew stronger, with every diagnosis we learned to work and love harder.  Most of all, we learned that we didn't lose the dream of the perfect child, we just had to change the path. To us our children are perfect for them, and perfect for us, if that makes sense. They have introduced us to a world we knew nothing about but learned more then we ever thought we would.

We are thankful that in 2013 we became a part of a strong Autism community.  We befriended amazing families and children we may otherwise not had the chance to meet.  We lost friendships and gained new ones with people that understand our journey and have been along for the ride with us.  To this, we will forever be grateful.  The amazing people we have met, weather it be other families, therapists, doctors and even strangers we crossed paths with have given us a shoulder to cry on, a pat on the back, cheered on our children and have became a part of our lives and love G&L for everything they are and encourage them to become everything they can be.  Words can not describe how thankful we are for these people.  I can not say enough for our friends that stepped up to the plate and embraced us, while others shied away.  You will always have a piece of our hearts.

We don't know what 2014 will hold for G&L.  I think it will be exciting, full of adventure and a lot of hard work.  They'll have their good days and bad and they will continue to teach us the power of perseverance.  From our small preemies to now almost three year olds, we have learned that almost anything is possible.  This past year we've learned so much from them.  We've learned it's OK to give up today, as long as you try again tomorrow, not to sweat the small stuff, because there will always be something bigger and better and most importantly, hugs from a toddler will cure just about anything.

Bring it on 2014!  We're read for what you give us!  This is going to be the year of G&L  Happy New Year Y'all!

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