Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Things I often think about.

Things I often think about...

1) Will my children ever say "Momma?"
2) Will G always strip naked and eat his poop?
3) Why does G find drywall so delish?
5) Why don't more people wear hot pink?
6) I don't understand why people are scared of my children.  Arm flapping and screeching isn't contagious.
7) I hate when people say, "God doesn't give you more then you can handle."  God must have gotten me mixed up with someone else if that's the case.
8) Will my boys ever be able to live on their own or will they live in our basement, (um, I mean bonus room since we don't have a basement).
9) Will people ever accept people who aren't like them?
10) They should add hot pink glitter to all the roads.  It would make things so much prettier.
11) Decorating cupcakes is fun. I wish I could get paid for it.
12)  I wonder why L thinks Saltines can solve world problems.
13) Autism month is in April.  It should really be every month. Autism never goes away.
14) I hate IEP meetings.
15) What can I do to make sure my boys get all the possible treatments they can even though they are so expensive?
16) I love diet cherry's bad for me, I know.
17) I should use nap time to take a nap myself, but I'll research and waste time instead.

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