Monday, September 30, 2013

It's a 50/50 kind of day.

We had one of our early morning trips to Duke this morning for OT and Feeding therapy.  G did really great in OT today!  He was a rock star.  Don't worry, I have pictures to share!  His favorite thing about OT is the lycra swing and the ball pit.  Heck, who doesn't love a good ball pit?  I often stare at it wondering what they would do if I just jumped in there and buried myself.  G tried an itty bitty piece of turkey bacon today.  After he stared at it and gagged for 30 minutes he tried a microscopic piece on a cracker mixed with some cream cheese.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't happy about it but he might have been homing the FT would leave him alone if he would eat it.  L touched sand for the first time today in OT without having a major melt down!!!  He even went back to it a few times to check it out again.  SUCCESS!

So, after OT was over, we had to rush and drive an hour home to meet the ST at the house.  They both have ST twice a week. Today was just G's turn.  He did AMAZING!  He's never said so much in his life!  He said cat and ice!  Ok, so it was only two words, but that's more then he's ever said in his life!  Still waiting to hear momma...maybe one day.  Have I ever mentioned  how lucky we are to have our ST.  She is amazing and absolutely loves my kids!  She's a momma herself. Her kids are lucky to have such an amazing momma.  She started going to L's preschool to help him transition since he was having a rough time.  She goes way above and beyond.

Why a 50/50 day if all these great things happened?  There I was getting the boys snacks ready when they got up from their nap, I glance over and the poop bandit struck again.  I guess G couldn't wait for his snack since once again he was munching on poop.  We do clothe diapers, duct tape, onesies, backwards pajamas and nothing works.  This kid is like a poop Houdini!  He hates wearing clothes and normally walks around pantless.  If he wants to be a streaker, more power to him, but FOR THE LOVE OF BABIES...STOP EATING POOP!!!  As I'm running around trying to clean him up and scrape poop out of his nails he was just laying there laughing.  Laughing that he ate it again? Laughing at my reaction?  Laughing just to laugh? Who knows.  Poop can be funny kid...just not when you eat it!                                                       

                                                   Above:G  Below: L
                               Above: G after he finally ate his turkey bacon cracker

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