Thursday, September 26, 2013

School, Books and Balloons OH MY!

Thank you Jesus...said the Jew (that's me)! L has been doing so much better at drop off for school.  He jumped into his teachers arms so fast I thought she was going to get knocked over.  He still does a bit of crying while there, but I'll take it.  At least he lasts the entire three hours now.  Today was picture day for him.  I was told he snuggled the photographer for a good ten minutes before he would let him take a picture.  Getting L to sit still for a school picture could not have been easy.  His speech therapist (who in my mind is one of the most amazing people to walk this earth) let him sit on her lap and she ducked out of the photo.  I can't wait to see how it came out.  I love that so many people love him.  The photographer said his mom used to work with kids with special needs so he totally understood.  L's teachers are so great with him and so patient.  He normally has meltdowns when it's time for chapel (it's a Baptist school) so one of the teachers stays in the classroom with him and works on activities with him one on one.  It makes me so happy that they didn't give up on him.  He's an amazingly smart kids, he just needs a little extra love to make it through the day.

G and I had a great morning together!!  We dropped L off at school, went to GNC, went for coffee (he had milk), and then went to a book shop with our friend K.  Her kids go to school with L.  They have a great children's area in the back.  The owner of the shop came back there and hung out with G for a little bit and was looking through books with him. This was a MUCH better experience then the library (we were asked to leave because of G's screeching).  G was actually pretty quiet when we were in there.  They have a little rocking chair that was the perfect size for him and he loved it.  After the the book store we went to the park.  Of course we had to go up and down the slide a million times, but it's totally worth it to hear his sequels and giggles.  We stopped at Kerr Drugs really quick before we went to pick up L.  An employee there (I wish I knew her name) was so sweet to G.  She was trying to talk to him but in normal G fashion, he wouldn't look her way.  She asked him name and kept calling his name and got no response.  So, I told her he has severe Autism.  She then told me she would be right back. She came back with a bright green balloon and asked me if he likes balloons.  HE LOVES BALLOONS!  Once he noticed it his entire face lit up and he started laughing and playing with the balloon.  She also gave him a little box of animal cookies.  This boy was in heaven!  What could be better then cookies and a balloon?  We get a lot of negative comments from people, but to the woman with the green balloon, THANK YOU!  Thank you for being so sweet to my baby and for making him so happy.  All it takes is kindness to brighten someones day. Here's a picture of G at the book store today.  We might have to get him a little rocking chair!

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