Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas in a Padded Room.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's to everyone!  I'm Jewish, Hubs is Christian, so we do just about every  holiday under the sun and our children...well, they're most likely a bit confused.  Well, one day they might be confused.  Right now they don't really seem to understand much.

Yesterday started out as a normal day. Fighting, pushing, know, the norm.  We finally pulled out the gifts (We don't do a tree because the boys can't be trusted around it), and they tore into the presents.  L was all about it, G wasn't so sure about it but once he saw the toys, I think he started to catch on.  He became fixated on the first toy, so the hubs and I kind of opened the rest of the gifts for him, but tried to get him to participate as much as we could.  L was all about that paper! The sounds of ripping paper, new toys, excitement and new sounds coming from the toys is enough to put anyone in a corner to rock back and forth.  It was definitely way too much for the boys. Live and learn.  They become SO overstimulated, the rest of the day was pretty much shot. It turned into a no napping, crying fighting super stimmy kind of day.  We really could have used a padded room in the house yesterday.  That's just for the hubs and I.  I think the kids would have needed there own.

 I haven't smoked in over 13 years but let me tell you.  I was jonesing for one to calm my nerves.  Rest assured, I did no such thing. Instead I ate a chocolate Santa. Not such a healthy alternative but at least I spared my lungs.  The boys are still a but overstimulated but are doing much better then yesterday.  I pray they take a nap today because this momma needs a nap in the worst kind of way!  I already have two cups of coffee down the hatch and it doesn't seem to be kicking in.  Thankfully the boys are playing nicely for the moment...with the help of Sesame Street in the background. MOTY!

We don't have any therapies this week.  I REALLY wish we had OT today to help recenter G&L.  Ot had done wonders for them. They could sure use it.  I think I could use come brushing a joint compression as well!  Sometimes when the boys are on all the swings and the huge ball pit during therapy I have to hold myself back from not diving in with them!  It looks like so much fun and so soothing.

The hubs parents are coming for a visit for the next week.  I'm hoping to keep the boys on schedule as much as we can.  They thrive on schedules.  Once their schedule is thrown off it can take a while to get back on.

In other news, L has finally started feeding himself with a spoon!  So excite!!  He's doing such a good job with it.  G has regressed a little bit, but he's trying.  L has also started to sing a lot. Although I love his singing, I would rather him not do it at 4am.  Kids with Autism need turn off switch so they could sleep at night.  I'm sure the Autism world would be a happier place if everyone could get a good nights sleep.  Two hours till nap time!!!!

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