Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This One is for You SIS!

I was informed this morning by my sister that I haven't written a blog post in a while.  Life just got away from  me.  With traveling and wrangling twinadoes, it slipped my mind.

What a crazy week it's been!  Last week we drove what would normally be a nine hour drive to NJ in THIRTEEN hours!  That's right, 13 hours.  I'm glad everyone is going to see there loved ones for Thanksgiving, but I really wish they didn't leave the same day as us!  Thankfully the boys did really well in the car.  Between the Hubs road rage, and my anxiety, I think the boys were the only sane ones in the car.  Besides screeching, arm flapping and throwing of goldfish the boys did amazing.  The way home only took us 10 hours, but the last two hours got to me and I was ready to jump out of the car.  There's only so long a you can have a screeching G in your ear before you start to lose it. Think about being in a minivan with a loud hyena.  That's my son. ;)

Overall the boys did pretty well in NJ.  We tried to stick to their schedule as much as we could.  The sleeping situation got a little sticky but it worked itself out for the most part.  L and his cousin A formed a special bond.  He loves her so much.  And S and G are like two peas in a pod.  It was so nice to have family around.  The Hubs and I even got to go on a date sans kids!  Nothing fancy. Just sushi and Target. That's a wild night for us!  The boys got a ton of presents from Grandma and Papa and their Aunt and Uncle.  They were very spoiled this week!  Sunday we had family pictures taken.  I think a few came out that I really like.  Once thing my sister and I realized from the photos is we need to go on a diet before A's Bat Mitzvah!  Good Lord!  When did my tush get so big?!?! Needles to say, I was back to my exercise today.

When we got home last night there was a package on the door step from G&L's running buddies!  They sent both of the boys teddy bears, some chocolates and homemade cards. 

The best news of the week...after a year and half of trying to teach G how to eat with a spoon...HE DID IT!  We're so proud of him!!  I'm sure L will be following behind soon.  My boys aren't quitters, that's for sure!!!!

G feeding himself with a spoon for the first time:
L giving his cousin A a HUGE hug:

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