Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Early morning life lesson.

I just learned a very important lesson.  While making a protien shake, make sure the lid is on tight or it will go flying all over the kitchen.  WHOOPS!  They boys thought it was hysterical.  Me, not so much.  Good thing I just did laundry so I have another shirt to change into! I started a new health kick.  I used to be in pretty decent shape and jogged about 5 miles a day.  Then I got married, then I did fertility treatments, and then I had twins which put me on months of bed rest and in and out of the hospital. Now here I am today and I need to get healthy for myself, and for my boys.  If I'm not here for a really long time to take care of them, who will?

Yesterday G got reevaluated for his PT.  They do a reevaluation every 6 months or so.  I was told he went from very poor to poor.  It kind of made me giggle.  It's not funny that he's only had a slight improvement, but very poor to poor? I think it should be worded differently or put on a number scale.  I guess he went from all 0's to a few 1's on the Peabody test. I'll take any progress but they should change what it's called!  The Peabody tests is used to show development so I feel like when the words very poor are used it makes parents feel kind of hopeless.  Maybe they should do it by colors? Hot Pink could be Excellent and Brown could be very poor? Just a thought. I need to write to these Peabody people and suggest my new color code! ;)

L did pretty well at Preschool yesterday.  It kind of makes me sad that he rarely comes home with art projects. He has a really hard time with getting his hands dirty and really has no interest in group activities.  It makes me sad for selfish reasons.  What momma doesn't want to hang up their kids art work?  I've been working on coloring with them at home.  L loves it, G hates it.  He doesn't even want to hold the marker.  We can't use crayons because G likes to snack on them.  I'm sure the occasional bit of a crayon won't kill him, but I'm pretty sure if I turned my head for a second he would eat an entire box of crayons...and love every second of it.  The hubs had to patch up a spot of drywall over the weekend that G has been snacking on.  He also tries to pick little pieces of wood out of screw holes and eat that too.  Give the kid a piece of cheese and he'll act like you're trying to kill him, give him some drywall and he's as happy as can be. L is getting a bit better with food and is more willing to try new things.  I sometimes wonder if food therapy is worth it, or if it will just take time and maturity?  Who knows?  I sure don't!  For now we'll stick with it and hope for some progress.

The boys had a cold earlier in the week and now the hubs and I were lucky enough to have them share it with it.  How come when kids get a cold, they act like nothing is wrong, but we get a cold and we feel like death has come over us?  Ah the joys of getting old.  We have nothing huge planned for today.  I'm sure we'll go play in the backyard at some point and maybe go for a walk.  Today is therapy free Wednesday! WHOOT WHOOT!

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