Thursday, November 14, 2013

Twenty Dr.'s Walk into a Room.

It's been a few days since I last wrote.  We've had a terrible cold going through this house that just keeps getting passed back and forth through all of us.  When the boys take their nap later I'm going to disinfect everything.  We need to get these germs out of here! 

L had the allergist yesterday who is also his Mastocytosis specialist.  Masto is kind of rare so all of his medical students wanted to come in to check out the "boy with mast."  They were all very nice and respectful.  It's a teaching hospital.  I kind of like it since these students might be his future Dr. one day. I think L secretly liked the extra attention.  He was pick pocketing all of them.  It was pretty funny.  He had an entire collection on pens and id badges going.  They're keeping him on the same meds, but adding an inhaler.  He thinks he has allergy induced asthma.  Fun times!  He fell asleep on the way home from the Dr. so we didn't get naps yesterday.  They did sleep in a little later today so that made me happy! 

After we drop L off at school this morning I'm taking G for a haircut.  He's starting to look a bit like Frankenstein.  A cute one of course!  He HATES hair cuts.  It breaks my heart to take him. He cries, screams and throws himself.  Poor kiddo.  He doesn't like a thing about it! He did pretty well in PT this week but was kind of a loosey goosey.  He didn't do much in ST except for taunt the therapist.  It's OK though, she loves him! L will have ST today at school.  It's so nice that she goes there to work with him.

L has been very into stacking things lately.  Anything he can get his hands on he stacks away.  He gets very frustrated when it falls and will have a meltdown.  I wish he could talk and tell me what upsets him so much.  He tends to have a lot of meltdowns.  I think it partly has to do with his lack of communication skills.  I can't imagine what it feels like to know what you want but not be able to tell anyone.  It has to be frustrating.  G has started dragging up over to what he wants which is awesome.  Maybe L will catch on to it soon. 

Please keep my friend S in your thoughts. Her daughter B has severe Autism and they are having a lot of issues right now.  I know she could use all the extra thoughts and prayers you can spare.  She's an amazing momma to three amazing kids!

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