Friday, November 1, 2013

Pass the Coffee, This Momma is T.I.R.E.D.

I have to start this off by saying how proud I am of my Twinadoes!  Not only did they wear their costumes yesterday, they went trick or treating and actually had FUN!  We only went to about 5 houses before calling it quits.  We didn't want to push it and ruin a good evening.  G walked to his first house and then sat down in their yard.  After that he wanted in his stroller.  L walked the entire time with no meltdowns and didn't beg us to carry him.  SO PROUD!  G got upset when we couldn't go inside everyone's house. They still don't understand the trick or treating thing but they had fun and so did we! Our friend A and her son J and her parents came trick or treating with us.  Her son was a puppy and was so stinking cute!  He went up to the houses and said, "woof woof."  I love that kid! He's so full of personality, just like his momma!

Growing up my parents were always super paranoid about the candy we received on Halloween.  What we were allowed to eat was cut up into tiny pieces to make sure there were no needles, staples, poison, etc hidden in our candy.  As I watched H take a piece of gum that was in a twisty wrapper from the boys trick or treat bag I couldn't help but cringe, just waiting for him to chomp down on a needle or choke from being poisoned.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Today Speech Therapy went pretty well.  L waved and said "Bye" for the first time!  The ST was using a mirror with G to try to get him to say, "That's me!" Instead he just kept pointing and saying, "That." Hey, I can't complain.  He got half of it.  Any progress is good progress in my book.  Speaking of book, right now G is trying to read to the Goose, one of our dogs.  I wouldn't say she loves the boys but she definitely tolerates them.  Our other dog Penny likes to be outside most of the day, she comes in every now and then for some loving and then goes back out to play.  She likes to watch the neighborhood and stare at the dogs next door through the fence.  Ah, to have the life of a dog.

This weekend we get to go to our friends G&G (another set of twins) second birthday party!  Their momma J is throwing it at a kids art place.  It should be fun. The hubs and I are pretty sure I'll be doing the art project and he'll be trying to keep G&L from destroying the place and trying to eat all the craft supplies. It isn't until we get thrown in a room with nuerotypical kids that we realize just how different ours are.  I'd be lying if we didn't sometime come home from events a little bit sad from time to time.  It's not easy having adults and children alike stare at your child while he lays on the floor screeching and flapping his arms.  To us it's completely normal.  I think people tend to forget everyone has a different normal. 

I leave you with some pictures from Halloween.  Sorry if there are any Michigan haters out there!

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