Thursday, October 31, 2013

20 Things You Should Know About G&L

1. They both have what is considered to be severe Autism
2. They both have completely different forms of Autism
3. Yes, they are twins.
4.  No, they are not identical (yes I'm sure)
5. Yes, we can tell them apart
6. L is a hoarder.
7. G is a minimalist
8. L is a smuggler
9. G will only snuggle if he's tired and it's on his own terms
10. They both are obsessed with water.
11.  G has Hyperlexia and has started to read
12. L is obsessed with letters and numbers
13. L's favorite activity is jumping
14. G's favorite activity is reading books and pushing L.
15. They may have Autism and SPD but they are amazing.
16. L will beat you with a magnadoodle if you don't write numbers and letter on it over and over for him.
17. G will make you clap anytime he can get hold of your hands.
18. They both like to scare their momma by jumping off the couch.
19. They can't talk yet, but are super smart
20.  They are adorable and all ours!

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