Saturday, October 5, 2013

A house full of sickies...

I'm pretty sure this dang cold has hit me the hardest.  The boys seem to have recouped except for a little cough and the hubs only had it for a day or two.  I on the other hand feel like I've been hit my a truck going full speed.  Just think, it was only last week I thought I was in an Aerosmith video driving down the back country roads to the land of the free...the shopping outlets!

The poop bandit struck again yesterday. This time as I was making G&L lunch.  A flying ball of poop was launched at me.  For a second I thought I was at a monkey exhibit at the zoo.  Nope, just my house.I guess G is destined to wear the outfit of shame while we're in the house and we'll have to get him dressed every time we have to go somewhere.  Ah, the joys of parenthood. 

I got to sleep in late today!  Instead of sleeping I caught up on TV shows and painted my nails. Now that it's the middle of the afternoon, I'm thinking that was a bad idea and perhaps I should have actually slept.  Yaaaaaaawn!  Hello dear friend, coffee!

The boys rocked therapy yesterday!  L said his first sentence!!!  "Ooooooh, It's dark!"  While playing with the lights.  I'm still waiting to hear momma!  I think he's holding out on me!  G now ooooo's for mooooo and has tried his hand at meow and "I" for "hi!".  I'm so proud of them!  It's the little things in life.  Who knew that one day I would be so excited to hear someone moo at me!  In the past I may have turned around and slapped a mooooing passer byer, but now, moooo away dear child, moooo away.

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