Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fighting Toddlers....Not for the faint of heart.

Attention G&L, the couches are not for jumping on, throwing yourselves off of,  rolling off of or pushing each other into them.  They are to sit on, nicely ;)  I'm pretty sure no toddler has ever agreed with that!  The only thing that really scares us about it is that they have no sense of space or their surroundings.  There has been a lot of couch accidents as of late.  I've even pondered just getting rid of all the furniture! 

It's been a slow day here except for some PT.  L's school had a field trip today but I kept him home.  I feel bad keeping him home but I know it would have been one trigger after another for him.  It also would have been hard for me since I would have to bring G with me and running after both of them solo in a pumpkin patch is not my idea of fun.  We're taking the boys this weekend so they won't be missing out on it.  I"m really excited that this year G can walk and can actually enjoy it more then just sitting in his stroller.  The years before he had a walker.  Though still unsteady he's walking with out an aid so he can roam the pumpkin patch!  I'll have my camera ready!

G did really well in PT today!  SO proud of him!  They're working on stairs which is not easy for him.  He has weakness on one side making it hard to lift his leg all the way up to climb stairs.  He's rocking it though!  Six months ago we had blood tests taken by our geneticist to do a Whole Genome Sequencing and Mitochondrial testing.  Right now we deal with microdeltion 15q11.2.  The geneticist is thinking there is also something else, hence the extensive tests.  Well, we finally get the results back this Friday! It's kind of scary because it might tell us things about any of us that we might not want to know. This test is controversial because some Dr's feel, how much is too much knowledge.  While I kind of agree with that, if we can find something out that might help the boys, I'm all for it!

The boys have been fighting ALL DAY! Toddlers are no joke!  G&L both have very strong personalities.  G is much more laid back but has definitely started standing his ground.  L isn't too happy about this!  Through all of their chaos today, I managed to get my work out in before night time!  Not to bad!

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