Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Silence of Speech Therapy.

Yesterday the boys met with one of their ST's, Miss M.  I'm pretty sure you could here crickets in the room.  The boys did not say a peep.  I"m pretty sure someone must have stolen their vocal cords but made sure to return them right before we got home.  I'm always told, "Just wait til they start talking, you'll be begging them to be quiet." I'm sure for parents of kids with talkers that is true, but I have to say, I would give my right arm (I'm a righty ;)) to hear my kids talk or even just respond with a simple yes or no or heck, to even acknowledge our us when we try to talk to them..  The truth is, we don't know if they'll ever talk in full sentences.  It's one of those things that's always taken for granted. It makes me wonder what my life would be like if I didn't have the ability to talk (I'm sure my husband would say peaceful.). My biggest dream right now is that one day I will beg them to be quiet.  Not from screeching and yelling, but from talking my ear off.  I would love to say, "G&L Please stop talking for 5 minutes so mommy can think!!!"  It might happen one day, it might not.  Autism is funny that way.  A lot of people talk about how their kids were completely typical developing and then they woke up one morning and they could no longer speak, that something had just changed.  For us, it was never like that.  They were always developmentally behind, and just haven't caught up.  We were always told while in the NICU that they will catch up by the time they turned two.  Two came, and soon they will be three.  G is at the level of a 12-15 month old and L is at about 18 months.

On a more fun and exciting  note, the great and amazing Cara Lynn (no that's not me) took pictures of the boys last week.  She has such patience for our monkeys.  She's a momma of 4, so she definitely needs some patience.  Anyway, she sent me a sneak peak photo of G yesterday.  My heart melted.  He's such a beautiful little boy.  We're still waiting on L's sneak peak Miss CARA!!! ;)

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