Thursday, October 10, 2013

I'm way to young to be this damn old!

It's been a busy couple of days!  Yesterday the boys were a mess for some reason.  G face dived off the cough.  He has quite the swollen nose and a bit of a bruise.  Of course he didn't learn his lesson and dove off the couch again a few hours later. I think he was trying out for a new Olympic sport.  L also fell off the couch.  He cried for a few minutes and was fine.  What the heck boys?!?!?  Couch diving is NOT a sport, I repeat, it is not a sport!  I"m pretty sure they never got the memo. 

Yesterday we had the fire pit going with our good friends A&M.  They're here visiting from Germany.  I can not be any happier that they are here.  They used to live 5 minuets away and A and I would spend just about every day together with all of our kids.  It was always so nice to have some one so close by.  We're very different but very alike at the same time.  She's a very non judgey mom.  Our parenting style is completely different, but theirs no judging like there often is with all these mommy wars going on.  We're all just doing what we need to do to survive.  So, back to the fire pit.  I'm not a smoker but I feel like I smoked 10 packs of cigarettes last night from all the smoke form the fire pit.  I don't know how smikers do it.  My lungs and throat hurt! I washed my hair and I still smell like smoke.  I'm so not a wilderness girl!

On another note, I've gotten way to old to stay up late and wake up early!  How can I be this old?  Aren't I still in my 20's?  Oh wait, that ship sailed a while ago! Gone are the days of staying up til 4am and waking up at 6am to go to work and be fully functioning.  How did I ever do that?  Now I have two little boys to wrangle, so this momma needs her sleep!

I have to drop L off at school soon.  Here's hoping to a good day at school!  We're trying to decide if we should pull him out when he turns three and go into the same program G will start.  I see pro's and con's for him.  He's much higher functioning then G, but I'm really not sure if he can sit still in a traditional prek.  Although he tolerates the school he's in now, he's not really getting the benefits of being in school.  I know, I know, he's only 2.5!

In other news, G now says hep (help)! any time he needs anything!  It's pretty awesome! Some days I feel like all this therapy and hard work we do with the boys makes no difference, then a see a tiny bit of improvement or they catch onto something that we've been working on for months, and it all seems worth it.  I'm often told the boys are lucky to have me, I feel it's the opposite, I'm lucky to have them.

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