Sunday, October 20, 2013

Doctors and Pumpkins Oh My!

What a crazy few days it's been!  We are all exhausted!  Friday we had our appointment with the geneticist.  We waited 2.5 hours to see the Dr!!!  Insane!  Every time we go to see her, it's such a long wait.  It's not easy with two toddlers!  The good news, they ruled out a lot of bad things and G doesn't have any genes for cancer, heart decease  etc.  The bad news, we still don't know much.  He came back with two other chromosome mutations, but they don't know much about the other deletions so it doesn't do us any good.  They also found some chromosome mutations in L so they want to follow him too.  They also entered us in a clinical trial.  This way, as they learn more about genetics, they might find out if the mutations mean anything as far as their diagnosis.  After we left the geneticist we stopped to get G's new ride!  His wheel chair stroller is finally in! It looks super comfy and seems to like it. 
Yesterday we went to the pumpkin patch with my MoM (Mom of Multiples group). G&L were pretty overwhelmed, but overall I think they did pretty well.  Towards the end they were exhausted and ready to get out of there.  I'm not sure who was more tired though, them or us. It was pretty exciting since this was the first year that G was actually able to walk in the patch.  They were both having fun exploring the pumpkins.  The uneven ground made it a little hard for G to walk but he just kept picking himself pack up again.  L who is normally a runner, stayed right by our side.  I think he was in sensory overload so he wanted to stay near us, as he kept wanting to be held. Here's G&L wandering around the pumpkins patch.

I think today we're going to be kind of low key after such a busy weekend.  We're meeting up with the lovely C later to take some pictures at the park.  I'm hoping the boys will be in a good mood for her!  Normally she has to run after them like the paparazzi.

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