Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bebe Rain and Snuggling Firemen!

"Bebe Rain!" screamed G at his PT as she was making him work really hard.  We figured out he was saying, "Bye Bye Rain(her name is Loraine)!"  We figured out what he really meant when he kept dragging her to the door and saying, "Bebe Rain!"  We were so excited!  He's never really talked let alone put two words together!  It was pretty awesome!  Now, if we can only get him to say momma!  G worked really hard in PT today!  Goodbye AFO's (the braces that go up to his knees) and hello SMO's (braces that go just past his ankles)!!!  Although the PT thinks he may need his AFO's back one day, they're supporting him too much right now and isn't allowing him to try to strengthen on his own.  He's developed this weird hunched over stance (kind of like an ogre?) and we're hoping by shortening his braces he'll have to rely on himself more. It's worth a shot!  The new braces should be here in a week or two. 

Today at Preschool the local firemen came to talk to all the classes.  They didn't get to go on the trucks since it's so wet out today.  The fireman who was talking to L's class put all his gear on so the kids would know not to be scared.  L wasn't scared, he decided to snuggle the fireman!  Maybe he thought it was his Uncle who is a fireman? He'll snuggle just about anyone who crosses path.  A far cry from the boy who used to be terrified of strangers.  He also got his first accident report sent home.  He was hugging one of his girlfriends and they both fell over.  He smacked his ear on the corner of a wood chair.  I think he'll get to keep his ear, no amputation needed.  Just TLC.

Today has been a high stimming day in G&L's world!  Lots of spinning, flapping, screeching, finger crossing and bouncing....just a few more hours til bed time!

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