Thursday, October 3, 2013

Are they Twinadoe's or Wild Bulls?

I would just like to say, that getting blood taken from a toddler is like trying to hold down a wild bull.  For a kid that's "low tone," he is sure as strong as a wild bull!  I took G to the pedi today to have him checked out.  Someone suggested that the poop snacking might be from low iron.  They did a finger prick, and surprise.  It's low. Off to the hospital for more blood work. The pedi wants a full panel done to see if there are any other problems causing it.  I'm hoping and praying it just from his poor diet.  I can't imagine crackers, cream cheese, soy nut butter and grapes contain too much iron.  He won't drink pediasure or take vitamins so fingers crossed, that's the problem and we can work on fixing it.  This kid has been through so much already!  If only he would eat ice cream I would take him out for a treat.  The pedi office has a new Dr. who we saw today.  I was pretty excited when she actually knew about his G's chromosome deletion.  Normally I have to school the new Dr.'s on it. 

L did awesome at school today!  He was even able to do the art project today!  I was so happy to open up his folder and see an art project!  Normally he freaks out when they try to get him to do it, but I guess today he was on board!  My favorite part is when I go to pick him up and he comes running at me with a huge smile. He's a ham!!!    It's much better then the crying we had the first month. L's new favorite pass time is standing in front of the Goose (one of our dogs, her real name is Lucy, but we call her Goose), with his mouth wide open and letting her lick the inside of his mouth.  Extremely gross and cute all at once. Aren't most toddlers?

All four of us are sick.  It all started with L. Ah, the joys of preschool.

Our Autism walk is in a little over a week!  I'm overly excited for it.  I didn't raise as much money as I would like but there is still some time left.  We did have cute shirts made! 

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