Thursday, October 17, 2013

The hug of all hugs!

There I was, dropping L off at preschool.  I went to give him his usual hug and kiss, and he actually hugged me back.  It wasn't a holding on for dear life you better not leave me hear type hug. It was more of a "here's a hug momma, I'm going to school now."  It was pretty freaking awesome! The teacher said he did really well today and didn't have any meltdowns.  I love when I get those reports! He's come such a long way since the first day of school.  He's still not participating in everything but we got over a huge hurdle, him being there for more then 45 minutes. Ah, sweet progress!

While L was at school, G and I stopped at the grocery store.  For the first time ever he walked form the car up to the store!  He did it without falling, throwing himself on the ground to lay on his back or just sitting in the middle of the parking lot. He had a smile from ear to ear just looking around. I had to keep getting his attention back because he kept trying to go in the wrong direction, but he did it!  If it wouldn't have looked so strange I wouldn have done some cartwheels and thrown pink glitter everywhere to celebrate. Once we got in the store, he sat in the buggy while screaming out the numbers of all the isles.  I have some pretty cool kids!  An older woman came up to him to say hi and he started screeching and flapping.  The woman got excited saying, "Wow! He really likes me!" Um, that's it lady...that or your in his comfort zone.

L's speech therapist is trying a new approach with him.  We aren't getting very far with his speech. His obsession for letters is holding him back from trying to say words.  Hopefully it works!  G is still scream "HEP HEP (help, help)!!" for everything.  L stole his goldfish during snack time and I hear a cute little voice scream, "HEP HEP!!"  Momma to the rescue.  The goldfish thief was less then amused that I took the goldfish back. I think L was a hoarder in another life.

We got a call today that G's wheelchair stroller is finally in!  I'm so excited!  Now he can be comfy and we can have piece of mind that he isn't going to throw himself overboard. We have a busy day tomorrow!  We get the results back from the geneticist and then on he way home we get to pick up G's stroller!  

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