Monday, October 7, 2013

Beautiful Chaos

Four appointments and one to go!  This momma is T-I-R-E-D!  I"m pretty sure if there was a sea of coffee you would find me swimming in it was a HUGE straw coming out of my mouth and the coffee sea would quickly disappear.   The hubs stayed home today to help me wrangle the Twinadoes for appointments.  Thank goodness he was there to help.  It was also a monsoon here this morning so, of course I made him drive. I was hoping if I closed my eyes tight enough I could pretend then rain was really a waterfall and I was on some exotic island.  No such luck. It's hard to imagine being on an island when you hear Elmo blasting in the background.

I've sat down to write this few times but every time I do, the toddler version of the WWE ensues.  What does any good mom do when that happens?  Turn on Sesame St.  Hey, did I  mention I'm tired today?  While I was waiting with L to see his Behavioral Psychologist, I met a nice woman who also has twins on the spectrum.  I've met people with twins who have one on the spectrum, but never both.  It was nice to talk to someone who's been there done that. I should have gotten her name.  We go back to the Behavioral Psychologist  at the end of the month so she can give us some more recommendations for L.  His issues are a bit different then G's so they will need different types of strategies.

Someone asked me the other day what it's like to have Twinadoes with Autism.  I wasn't really sure how to answer but to tell them it's beautiful chaos, which is how I like to describe it.  Beautiful, because my children are beautiful and chaos because well, they are toddlers and they both have special needs. 

Here are the top ten things that would describe our house on any given day:
9) Lots of shrieking
8) Lots of snuggles
7) Chaos, chaos, chaos
6)Laundry everywhere
5) Therapists in and out of the house
4) Lots of spinning and head banging
5) Lots of giggles and laughter
4) Lots of fighting between Twinadoes
3) Lots of dog hair  (Don't wear black at our house!)
2)Did I mention Chaos?
1) LOVE, lots and lots of  LOVE!

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