Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween must have come early!

I think Halloween has decided to arrive early this year.  That's the only reason I can come up with as to why my children are acting possessed today.  Of course L was a prefect angel at school today.  Before and after he was a holy terror!  I'm pretty sure a demon has taken over his body.  On a normal day he gives us a run for our money, but today seems to be particularly worse.  Hopefully after his nap, he'll be back to himself.  G is also acting off today.  I think he's super tired.  We went for a long walk while L was in school today and then he played on the playground for a little bit and then had PT.  PT always wears him out.  All I know is, I hope they both feel refreshed after their nap, or this momma may get some more grey hairs this afternoon.  What happened to my sweet little newborns?!?!  Oh, yeah.  They became toddlers!

L has his Dr. to check on his Masto tomorrow.  I think they're going to do some allergy tests to see if he's improved with anything.  I sure hope so! G will have to come along for the ride and neither of them will be happy about it!  Hopefully it'll be quick and we won't have to wait to long.  G's new braces just came in!  They're downgrading him to the SMO's to see how he does with them.  They go right above his ankles.  Previously he had the AFO's that go up to right below the knee.  They think the AFO's were giving him too much support, so we'll see if the SMO's give him too little.  It's so hard to find a happy medium.

After searching for a babysitter for weeks, we finally found one!  The hubs and I will get to go out!  We're going to a Halloween party!  We haven't been able to attend one since the boys were born, and we LOVE Halloween!  We're going at the Bobbits!  You know, Lorraina Bobbit and her ex husband?  It's far off from our Flintones costume from years past. It'll be fun!  I still have to buy everything to make our costumes.  I should probably do that soon!

I'm a little worried about how the boys will handle Halloween and people walking around in costumes.  I think we might take them to a few neighbors houses and then take them back home. They get scared easily and don't understand that it's just people dressed up. 

Aaaaaaaand.....just because I'm reminiscing about their sweet newborn stage and before Autism became such a huge part of our lives.....here are my sweet babies <3

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